Thursday, July 9, 2009


Why is it SO difficult to find a simple home office type of desk for the computer with a hutch deep enough for items like our printer?? We have been on a mission & totally unsuccessful. *sigh* Sure, there are far bigger problems in this world & I know I have suffered through my fair share of them, but I am really getting frustrated. Furniture stores are closing, thanks to Ikea & a poor economy -- what are those of us supposed to do that need to buy something when Ikea does not even have it? ARGH!!!

We have not given up hope yet & if all else fails, we can build it, right??? On the upside, we plan to hit the Rose Bowl Flea Market on Sunday.....maybe someone there can hook us up?

We are re-decorating our den. Why? I guess it's pure boredom & the simple desire to change things up every now & again. We will strip the room bare & re-paint all surfaces. We will need to find new homes for some gorgeous area rugs, furniture & the like. I think one set of drapes can get recycled into the laundry room window.....everything will be gone! Any buyers out there? ha ha!!!

So, hurry up, weekend & get here already!!! I am anxious to shop w/ Mike and find some fun stuff to begin the re-design of a perfectly good room.

Happy Shopping, Everyone!


Tina said...

yea! I can't wait to see the finished product!! Next week I am work on our den/computer room/craft room, whatever you want to call it. Then I am going to put the samples on the wall in the living room to see which ones we like and go from there. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, once you finish your den, if you and Mike are still bored and dying to spend some $$, I'll gladly offer up a room in my house for you two to re-do! Our kitchen isn't finished, we need a backsplash still and I'm dying to put wainscoting in our bathroom. Just thought I'd throw that out there! HAHA!! I can't wait to see the den. I'm sure it will be gorgeous like every room in your house already is!

Sueberry said...

Ha ha ha! I'd love to travel all over CA and re-decorate for all my friends in need. :) FYI: never made it to the Rose Bowl. We bought a desk, finally, at Office Depot (once we caved on color/finish & went dark, which is EASY to find). New desk & office chair are great & the perfect size for the room. So, Sunday was spent emptying said room, re-painting & we are now waiting for yet another weekend to complete it all....or at least move forward.