Thursday, May 22, 2008

Nordstrom SALE

It's that time....the half-yearly sale at NORDSTROM. They claim up to 40% off. I know the best deals during this time are often found on shoes, so hurry up!

This is probably the last retailer that has true sales -- unlike Macy's where nearly every Saturday is a "super Saturday". Sure, you can still get deals at Macy's, don't get me wrong -- I like them just fine, but something about Nordstrom making us wait.....well, it's just more fun when you get a deal there! :)

Something to keep in mind if you cannot make it to the Half-Yearly sale @ Nordstrom.....all the left-overs will end up at Nordstrom Rack & probably for even less cash!!

Happy Shopping!

Friday, May 2, 2008


If you have not shopped this site should! Shipping is generally only $2.95 for starters -- try & beat that anyplace else online!!! And, seriously -- just $2.95.....whether you buy a giant set of suitcases or a tiny pair of earrings.....just $2.95 to ship & they ship FAST, I assure you.

Overstock is nothing new -- I have been with them for a couple of years myself` & I am sure they have been around far longer than my experience with them. You can buy bedding, housewares, home decor, shoes, clothing, jewelry, art, flowers, wine, furniture, patio items, plants, electronics & thousands more items I cannot even begin to list. The web-site is VERY easy to use, which is an added perk. I almost always use them now for gifts that need to go to out-of-state friends or family because I cannot beat the shipping rate or the speedy delivery time! In most cases, anything I order arrives on the doorstep within 2 days!!! Yes, 2 days & YES, for only $2.95 !!! Not to mention, NO sales tax!!!! (Just when you thought it could not get better.)

So far, I have not had to return anything I have purchased. I have ordered linens, jewelry & luggage (a gift for mother last year). All arrived in a swift 2 days, no sales tax & less than 3 bucks for shipping. Impressive, huh?? I have used my powers of persuasion with my sister & she is hooked now, too. We found some adorable leather baby shoes by Papush for our pal "Schmoopy's" baby shower for under $24. They were so cute!!

Sometimes, if you are lucky, they offer $1 shipping or even free shipping. Just sign up on the site for their e-newsletter to receive special offers on shipping or on sales. I get on average one e-mail from them every other day & there is always some great deal to be had that at least gets me to go & look closer....even if I don't buy. : )

My only negative comment with Overstock was this past Valentine's sister & I ordered a heart-shaped topiary through them for our mother (to be shipped to her home in Las Vegas). The order sadly did not arrive on time....not sure what the delay was, but we all know V-day is a crazy time of year to order flowers or plants. It did arrive a few days late & the plant was alive & well (until our mother managed to kill it, of course). So, while it did not arrive timely, it did arrive, which is more than I can say for my recent shopping experience with (which had been GREAT to me in the past).........we will save that "venting session" for another post, however (sorry, Tina! Hope your b-day was still a happy one.)

At any rate, if you have not tried Overstock, I suggest you take a few moments to browse....I know I will (because my i-Pod Nano needs new ear-buds -- ha ha!!!). Happy Shopping!!