Thursday, November 20, 2008

Black Friday

Are you ready for Black Friday?? Personally, I am counting the days since my sisters will be here visiting from the Michigan area & from Chicago....and we have plans to shop until we drop! The goal is to pile everyone into a passenger van & make a trip to Cabazon & hit the outlets, which open at midnight. Wahooo!!!! The men would likely spend their time at the Casino Morongo instead. We shall see how it all pans out.

I have not partaken in Black Friday in years. I always shop WAY early & stash everything so by the time Black Friday rolls around, I am long since done, my gifts are wrapped & there is not much left for me to do but sit home & avoid the crowds......but I have to admit that I miss that rush! It was so fun to wake up before the sun (coming from someone who is not a morning person, that speaks miles) & head out with ads & coupons in hand to hit all the big sales, get all the freebies many stores offer for the early birds, etc. I'm really hoping my man & my sisters really wanna do this because it sounds so fun!!! (And, I could really use some new boots, so at least I have a shopping goal).

Many stores open super early for Black Friday, as do many of the outlet malls, including the outlets at the Citadel. We may hit those, too, not sure. So many places to shop & so little time (and funding). I seldom read the newspaper, but always look forward to the Thanksgiving edition since that's when you find all of the sale ads & coupons. I am anxiously awaiting it all & looking forward to sharing in the frenzy with all 3 of my gorgeous sisters. I plan to take pix & document the day, so check back.

I have one sister who has been hocking stuff on E-bay in order to raise some additional shopping funds for the big day. My other two sisters have just been trying to save a few bucks in anticipation of Black Friday plans. Personally, I have been trying to just hold off buying anything now, so that I have reason to buy when the big day gets here....and saving a few bucks until then is not a bad idea, either. : )

There are too many deals to name & list. I see them online & in my inbox daily. Too many to share, I'm afraid. So, here's to the shopping frenzy that has come to be known as Black Friday! Wake up early, have a good (quick) breakfast, & don those comfy walking's gonna be a long & glorious day!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

CLINIQUE Bonus Time!

It's that time stuff!!! Head out to your local Nordstrom CLINIQUE counter & if you spend $25, you get a well-stocked "gift with purchase", including a Trina Turk make-up bag. Supplies are limited......Hurry!

And, of course, Happy Shopping!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Turkey Day Shopping coming soon!

As you know, I love me those premium outlets at Cabazon, just outside of Palm Springs!!! And, I got an e-mail that they will begin their "after Thanksgiving" sales events there starting at MIDNIGHT of Thanksgiving Day. Yippeeeee!!! My sisters & other family members will be visiting us here in LA for the holiday -- eager to shop as they are, we may just pull an all-nighter & go shopping. Stay tuned for the details OR, head on out to Cabazon yourself come midnight on a full belly of turkey dinner. What could be a better end to an already fun holiday??? Shopping under the stars in a spectacular outlet mall in the desert! Wahoo!!!

If you go online to the website for Chelsea Premium Outlets & select the Cabazon location, you can get all the details, see who is having the big discounts & sometimes, even print coupons for added percentage discounts.

Happy Shopping!!!!