Thursday, January 29, 2009

Who doesn't like Half-Off?

For those of you that are OLD NAVY fans.....there is currently a 5-day special (online only) for an EXTRA 50% OFF clearance merchandise! Hurry up, because 5 days will pass quickly! All you have to do is enter the magic word: HALFOFF during check-out & presto!!! You get all your stuff for an extra 50% off. How cool is that? Offer expires on February 2, 2009 -- don't delay!

If you have children, it's a great time to stock up on their clothing, too!

Offer is good only online.

Happy Shopping!

Coronado Orange on ETSY

I wanted to take a moment to pimp a life-long pal, Tina & congratulate her on opening her ETSY store, CORONADO ORANGE! YAY TINA!!!! (I hope to get on the ball soon myself & get something going on ETSY.)

Here's the link:
or, you can click on CORONADO ORANGE under my BFF list. :)
Her gorgeous models are her daughters. Tina is crafty by nature & she's now listing her wares online for anyone to purchase & enjoy as much as she enjoys creating the stuff. So far, she has listed some crochet items (cute beanies & scarves) & I am sure she will add more goodies in the near future.

I don't know about anyone else, but I can never have too many beanies or scarves & while my mother makes most of mine for me, as soon as I can think up a color combo I don't yet have, I may have to play customer on Tina's Etsy site. Take a moment & check it out. I think you will be impressed with her stuff.

Good luck, Tina!

Happy Shopping!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

OMG!! MC Hammer pants.....

I nearly forgot to do this post.....but I was in Target last Friday. I saw a rack of balloon pants that reminded me of the 80's "MC Hammer pants" phase. I nearly died!! Need I say more???
I think not.

Happy Shopping........and don't you dare go anywhere near Target to buy those MC Hammer pants, please!

Bye, bye, BABY

....BABY referring to "Baby Bush"!

Oh happy day........NO MORE "BABY BUSH" as of 12 noon Eastern Time, which is just less than 1 hour away for our time here in Cali.


Let's hope that in time, things will get better....our soldiers will get to return home (where they belong), our retail stores will stop closing down, our banks will stop folding, our housing market will perk up, big businesses will stop getting "bailed out" & that the good ol' USA won't be viewed as a joke amongst other nations anymore. We rock! Barack rocks!

bye, bye "W"!
The "W" stands for "WE won't miss you at all!!!"

Even if you did not vote for Obama, you have to admit that "W" won't be missed......except by the comics that love to make fun of his lack of public speaking abilities. *wink*

Sue is stepping off her soapbox now & wishing you all a happy Inaugural day!

Monday, January 5, 2009


Yep, never thought I would say it, but I am SPENT........literally! My husband & I had time off from work over the holidays. We shopped & ate to our heart's content --- and by the final few days off, there was nothing left for us to spend money shopping on or junk-food left to dine on. We were spent! I never thought I would run out of stuff to shop for, but alas, I have (for now, anyway). As for the junk-food......WOW, we ate a LOT! Friends that know us are a bit shocked when I tell them all that we have been dining on.

I think all the fabulous dining choices began around Thanksgiving, when my wonderful Michigan/Chicago relatives came for a visit. We were so busy planning for their arrival & having fun with them once they got here that we slacked on the gym & ate pretty much whatever we wanted (translation: Burgers, fries, Chili John's, ice cream, cookies, cakes, Mexican food, churros, margaritas, martinis, Tommy's, pizza & more). That's SO not like us -- but we did it & we enjoyed it immensely!

The food thing carried on after they returned home, sadly. With Christmas around the corner, we did not let up on the eating and we certainly did not make time for the gym! I gained 5 pounds, which for me, is a lot. My man packed on 10, so he says (he still looks good to me!). December saw us eating many of the items listed above for November, but add in some trips to the infamous Smoke House in Burbank (translation: lots of cheesy garlic bread, YUM), chocolate cake from Gordon Biersch, garlic fries, PF Chang's, hot chocolate, more ice cream, tons of cookies, more chili from Chili John's and Tommy's, Shakey's Pizza plus mojo potatoes, a trip or 2 to Taco Bell, Jack-in-the-Box & Burger King, pancakes for breakfast (only did that once), meat pies from Porto's Bakery, mozarella cheese sticks (deep fried of course), burgers, chili cheese dogs, onion rings, jalapeno poppers, and much, much more, I assure you --- I am just drawing a blank now as I drool over my keyboard while I type this list! I am just not sure if I drool because I am hungry or because I am disgusted with myself as I see this long list. ???

Now, it's the New resolutions per say .....but we ARE cutting ourselves off from the bad dining & making more of an effort to get back on the work-out train. We went hiking a few times last week (weather was gorgeous), hit the gym twice (once for yoga & my shoulders are still a bit sore). We're slowly getting back on track. Today was day 1 of the better food part of the plan. It's HARD. I am at work & craving Doritos or terrible, I know. Gotta slim down the "pansa" -- which if I spelled it correctly, is Spanish for belly. ha ha!!! I don't even really WANT the's just habit now that I should nibble while I work. BAD!!!

I am spent!! I did it all. I ate it all. I even licked the plate clean!! Despite my mild current cravings, there is nothing I really WANT to eat that I did not indulge in over the long holidays. Despite the fact I always want new clothes or shoes, there is nothing I cannot live without at this moment. The gift cards that line my wallet will remain still for now. Soon enough, I know I will feel differently about the shopping aspect. :) Tomorrow IS another day, after all!

Happy 2009!
Happy Shopping!!