Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Giving in is not always Bad

In follow up to my last post...never made it to the Rose Bowl Flea Market last weekend. I could have gone. My hubby was more than willing to indulge me, but we FINALLY bought a home office desk (last Saturday), so there was really no "need" to shop Sunday when we had a room to renovate!

We ended up shopping around on Saturday for the illusive desk we needed for our PC. We wanted white & never looked at or considered anything else. We found ourselves back at a local Office Depot store staring at an antique black/dark wood desk that we previously ignored due to its color. We had been to Office Depot & places like it numerous times on this quest. We were going insane trying to find what we wanted & needed! We gave in! We ended up buying the dark colored desk w/ hutch & a new leather office chair, all for around $300 with tax. MUCH better than what we anticipated spending. (Pix to follow once the room is done.) So, while we settled on color, in the long run, it's going to work out great. Besides, all of our home furnishings are dark wood & this probably makes more sense. What a relief that we finally found something!!! Size-wise, it's a perfect fit, too.

After the Office Depot trip, we called a friend & "donated" our comfy futon to her and hauled it to her house. (She is a new home owner in the Rancho area of Glendale and, as luck would have it, was in the market for a futon for some house-guests coming in August. What a coincidence!) Having that giant (but comfy) futon gone really opened up the room & we decided we would paint the following day in light of all the new-found free space. Our back patio looks like a yard sale....everything went out there! The living room is also a bit cluttered with items formerly in our den, but in due time, it will be gone.

The room was re-painted (the walls anyhow), the new desk & chair were assembled & we crashed hard Sunday evening. Now, we just anxiously await the next weekend so we can continue on. The dark trim all needs to be painted Swiss Coffee (translation: white). That's my job. I will start tonight & I am very excited about it!!! (Yes, I am a freak -- I love to paint!). We may be adding white wainscoting in there, as well plus crown molding. Wish us's an OLD home with VERY crooked walls & ceilings! We have purchased new drapes that will hopefully go with the new color scheme. We bought a cheap rug, even if it's just temporary. We have to find a home for our former area rug (as well as another one in storage). We have to find a home for the old desk/table and possibly our gorgeous armoire we built several years ago (that one will be tough to part with & I am hoping it can relocate the outdoor living space for storage). Out with the old, in with the new!

This project will likely not be finished this weekend if all that wainscoting & molding is still part of the plan, but I am confident I can get all my trim painted white by Friday night (Mike works late). YAY!!!

Yes, I will share pix once it's all done....may take some time. Once the room is "done", we still need to shop for a sleeper sofa & either a new chair or have the old one re-upholstered. :) LOVE this stuff. I'm in hog heaven getting to paint, shop &'s like the Triple Crown of a perfect life. ha ha!

Happy Shopping!

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Anonymous said...

You and Mike are indeed a perfect fit! Congrats on the new furniture and the new re-do on the room. I know it will look stunningly beautiful.