Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A whole new world......

So, I have been absent from here for a while & with good reason.....I started a new job! So far, it's going well, despite my slow nature of mastering a complex computer system. *wink*

I was working in a lovely (cough-cough) area of LA known as KoreaTown up until recently. It sucked! The food was awful. No place nice to dine whatsoever unless you like that smelly crap called Kim-Chi (spelling?). Worse yet, there was NOWHERE to shop! It was pure torture for someone like me who loves shopping!! My only options where the local Ralph's grocery store or a CVS drugstore. Can you imagine? At any rate, I have moved on to far greener pastures (translation: a new neighborhood chocked full of shopping & dining). I am working in Northridge, not far from the Porter Ranch area of the San Fernando Valley. I have not yet completed 2 full weeks of employment & I can already tell you there is a wealth of things to do around here in terms of shopping!

The Northridge Mall is just blocks away. There is a Target down the street about 4 blocks. Lowe's is across the street. DSW (shoes) is a few blocks away. Wal-Mart with a ton of other shops is just up the hill in Porter Ranch. I know there is more, but I have not had the time to fully explore my options. Lovin' what I see so far! I am sure once I get settled in I will have many reasons to post about shopping again. ha ha!!

The sun is shining again on Sue and her shopping habit! Stay tuned............and, of course, Happy Shopping!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Go Bananas!

Just got word that new reductions have been taken at your local BANANA REPUBLIC store for up to 40% off. The offer is valid in stores and online. If you want to get an additional score, meaning free shipping, you need to spend $150 (minimum) and enter the magic code: BRFREESHIP at checkout. The free shipping deal ends March 8, 2009.

On a side note, when I started doing this blog, I felt like I had to get all wordy & try to be creative with long posts.....but that was not what this was *supposed* to be all about. It was my friends encouraging me to just put word out there when I found deals, sales or just had some general weird shopping information to share. So, I am going to try to get on here more often even if it's just to say "HEY, get over to Banana Republic for 40% off!" -- ha ha ha!!!


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sales are Good!

This one is gonna be short & sweet......big clearance sale starting NOW at Loehmann's, where you get like an extra 60% off the reduced merchandise. If you love Loehmann's as much as I do, then perhaps I will see you at the check-out line later tonight!

Happy Shopping!