Thursday, May 28, 2009

Premium Denim Sale

For those of you that enjoy nice jeans....check this event out:

2 locations this weekend only!

Santa Barbara on Friday, 5/29 and Santa Monica on Sunday, 5/31.

The Warehouse Sale

for those not familiar with it is the nation's largest denim

Sample Sale organizer. There are reportedly some major savings

of 50%-80% on over 25,000 pieces of new inventory in premium

denim (and designer apparel) for both men and women.

The names on these labels cannot be mentioned, but we are

all familiar with these designers at all the fancy boutiques and

higher-end department stores. The sale is a huge one

(so they advertise -- I have never attended personally).

In addition to the denim for your hind-quarters, there are also,

designer dresses, tops, t-shirts, skirts, pants, hoodies, sweats,

jackets/coats, hats and more …with significantly lower prices!

Here are some sample prices that I obtained from the online information:

• Jeans at $39.99 to $119.99, that normally might retail for
$150 to $450.
• Dresses at $69.99 that would normally retail for $200-$500.

Everything is supposed to be up to 50%-80% off.

ALSO: Both sale dates have an additional special:

“Buy any 4 items and get the 5th item free (lowest priced)!”

Obviously, the freebie would be on your cheapest item. *wink*

This event accepts cash & credit cards only -- no checks.

(but, who writes checks anymore anyway??)

Address and Dates:

Warehouse Sale Picture

The Warehouse Sale
Santa Barbara

Fess Parker's Double Tree Resort
Grand Ballroom
633 E. Cabrillo Bl,
Santa Barbara, CA

Friday, 5/29, (12 noon - 8pm)
Free admission with RSVP
or $5 at the door

For Santa Barbara
Click Here

Click Here for Mapquest Map

The Warehouse Sale
Santa Monica

Santa Monica Civic Auditorium
1855 Main Street
Santa Monica, CA 90401

Sunday 5/31 (11am-6pm)
Free admission with RSVP
or $5 at the door

For Santa Monica
Click Here

Click Here for Mapquest Map

Cash / CC only, No Checks.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Memorial Day Tradition

It has become a Memorial Weekend tradition that Arte International (formerly Arte de Mexico) holds a giant 3-day sale at their Burbank warehouse location. If you are a Burbank local, you probably know all about it. If you are a furniture or decorating fanatic, you probably also know about it even if you are not a local. Their stuff is generally pretty high-end, pricey & unique. Even if you cannot afford to buy or you don't "need" anything, you may want to hit the event just to browse.....that's what we do. We never "need" anything there & yet last year, we came back home with a truck full of great finds!

Last year, we purchased some iron lamp bases (2) that we have yet to create lamps out of, but when we do....look out! (they were only like $8 each, so it's not like we broke the bank on them...yet.) We also bought a variety of wall-mount candle-holders and other decor items that we proudly display in our home. Many items are in new condition, some are slightly mangled, scratched, or in need of general TLC. Other items require creativity to bring them to life....and that is where the true fun begins! We got a giant teak pillar last year with some carved designs near the base & the top. What to do with it? Who knew at the time, but it seemed as if it would make a wonderful & tall candle holder. In the end, it did! My husband attached it to a teak base we already had & now this giant pillar would stand on it's own, with a giant candle atop it's crown. We had to torch it a tad -- literally, with a torch, to darken the wood-tone to our liking. It came out great & is a wonderful candle perch for atop the landing of our stairs where we just "needed something tall & skinny" to fill a void. : )

We bought a giant, carved pine floor-lamp, unfinished, as well. This one created some issues when it came time to work on it -- and it was no cheap purchase. The stain took "green" & looked ashy & blah. Seemed like a giant waste of money at first, but I was able to go over the stain with a more red hue to counter-balance the ashy undertones from round one. In the end, it came out lovely. Shopping for a lampshade proved to be a real challenge, but eventually, something panned out there, too. We added some Mexican iron "decorations" to the base & it is now a great addition to our living room. Phew! It was scary for a bit since we paid over $100 for it in its raw form & initially, things were not looking good. The lamp is huge & well-worth more than what we paid.

I totally got off on a tangent here, but the bottom line is that it's a GREAT sale, even if you just want to wander around & see some neat stuff, get inspired or just enjoy the shopping frenzy of people & interior decorators buying all this cool stuff. For those of you that are into photography, I think it's also a great place to take some pix of some unique items, as well. I find it very inspiring to go there each year, even though it's not often that we BUY as much as we did last year. I always want to go. We never "need" anything, but it sure is inspirational in terms of ideas for projects around my own home, even if I don't happen to have the space (or desire) to hang a giant chandelier constructed of animal antlers & wrought iron!

If you have free time this coming holiday weekend, I highly recommend it! It's long as you don't purchase anything. ha ha!!! They have items as cheap as $6, though, in case you can't stand the thought of leaving empty-handed! You will find small decor items, prints, candle holders, baskets, bowls, mirrors, chairs, armoires, patio items, lamps, fabric, pillows & furniture , of course. Many items cost well into the thousands of dollars, but we can all dream on, right?

Arte International annual Memorial Weekend sale is Saturday through Monday 5/23-5/25/09. The best stuff goes early, so don't miss out!

Happy Shopping!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

No such luck

*sigh* I attempted to "shop the box" today at Express at the Northridge Mall. This was my first visit to this mall since I started working here in the Valley. My first visit to this mall since the youthful age of 22. Wow, a lot has changed in the mall in 20 years! I did not even recognize it. That aside, I was hoping to find some b-day gifts for a friend at Express since I so often have great luck when they do these sales & I actually walked out of there empty-handed! Can you believe it? What kind of self-proclaimed shop-a-holic does that??? I will tell you what that feels in this poor economy, the stores might want to work a little bit harder to earn MY hard-earned dollars! Express had TONS of merchandise on clearance, plus an extra 20% off, but overall, the items were still overpriced in my eyes -- no amazing deals at this location -- so I walked out keeping all my dollars to myself. Perhaps that is a good thing??

If you go to your local Express, I hope you have better luck. Walking out with a whole-lotta-nothing was a first for me. Of course, I used to frequent a location on Lake Avenue in Pasadena, which is long-gone, but it was by far, the best Express store ever. (Insert another *sigh* here).

On a side note, my Loehmann's e-mails indicate good stuff happening there with deals on perfume and clothing. I might have to drag myself over there instead to give away my money (such torture, I know). ha ha!

Happy Shopping!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Big Bark Nugget Sale!

OK, so the OSH Hardware radio commercials the past couple of days regarding the big bark nugget sale this Saturday crack me up! Why? Not really sure.....I just found it amusing to hear the phrase "bark nugget sale". The commercial boasts of all sizes of bark nuggets, mini up to the big ones. I don't know about you all, but I commonly refer to them as "woodchips", while in reality, they are nuggets of bark. When I heard the announcer man referring to the event as a "bark nugget sale" while I was stuck in traffic, daydreaming, it just made me laugh aloud. I heard it again this morning & I still laughed aloud. Yes, I am whacky......

Anyhow.....for those of you that enjoy home improvement projects or landscaping as much as we do, then you may want to take note here. Get over to OSH, this Saturday only, because the bark nuggets are 2 bags for the price of 1. It's a great deal!! They retail for around $4 a bag & you know you need several to properly populate your garden beds. They help retain soil moisture & discourage weeds. They have a unique aroma, in case you did not notice.....and that scent supposedly helps to deter other garden varmints that may wanna rain on your parade (literally). I had to use bark nuggets a lot at my last house because the neighborhood stray cats seemed to think our land was their giant litter-box. When you have a fresh batch of bark nuggets, it's apparently far less appealing to the local felines. How great is that???

So, get on over to OSH and stock up on your bark nuggets. It's a one-day event, this Saturday only.

Happy Shopping!