Friday, June 13, 2008

Feeling LUCKY?

After all, today IS "Friday the 13th!"....
twice-yearly sale is on now through 6/30/08 (online & in stores). They claim you can save up to 50%....not a bad deal! My brother lives in their denim. A close friend swears they are the only brand to make a true Capri for her less than tall stature. I love many of their Mexican Dia de Los Muertos inspired skeleton art t-shirts and tanks....which are super comfy, by the way! (Be warned, the tanks run small!) Heck, I think everyone probably owns at least ONE clothing item by Lucky & loves it.

So, if you love Lucky, now is your time to buy. Hurry up before my friends & family get all the good stuff, though.......and, while you are out, grab me a nice skeleton T-shirt! ha ha!

By the way, if you are a proud dog-owner, they even sell some great dog leashes & doggie t-shirts, all for under $25 on sale now. FUN!

Happy Shopping!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Not much shopping lately....

I have not shopped much lately -- at least not for clothing or shoes! We spent a tiny fortune on a recent vacation and really need to cut back a bit for the time being....but that has not really stopped us with regard to buying for the home.

I think this weekend alone, saw 3 trips to Home Depot & 2 to Lowe's (the Lowe's trips were both in one day) -- and, we still need to go back! :) Since I hit both places in one weekend, I glanced around to compare prices.....sometimes, it seems Lowe's is cheaper & other times, it seems Home Depot wins out. This time, we browsed at small bathroom cabinets that you hang on the wall....since we yet again, have re-painted our "master" bathroom for like the 3rd time in less than 3 years! (Loved the last color, but due to other paint & decor changes upstairs, that bathroom needed to match better & now it does!). ANYHOW......both stores had nice cabinets, but overall, I guess Home Depot won on better pricing this time. One particular, very basic model was under $50 at Home Depot & over $60 at Lowe's. Otherwise, they had similar items with similar pricing & overall, they all cost too much for what they were -- laminated fiber-board with a cheap handle for the door! I would say most were close to $100 or more!!! We are seriously contemplating painting our brown one white -- but we all know how "fake wood" is not fond of paint. ha ha!!! We shall see....

So, our entire weekend consisted of trips like this, shopping for stuff many might consider boring (lamp-shades, paint, bathroom storage, window screen materials, caulk, wood trim, small rugs, etc.), but I had a blast -- I'm just exhausted now & I suspect my husband feels much the same way.

The home improvement process never ends for people like us -- we get bored & need to change stuff. We find something cool & HAVE to have it....which prompts everything around it in the house to be changed or moved! Ha ha ha!!! Sometimes, we want a larger home just so we can continue decorating....because we are running out of projects! It's kinda sad for people like us that LOVE to decorate. We have even been caught decorating for friends & relatives over the last couple of months / years because we can't do more & they ask for help -- so, we pack up some tools & head on out for FUN. Yes, it's FUN for us to move furniture, hang mirrors or shelves & mount a curtain rod on a Saturday long as my man has a beer by his side & a bag of Nacho Cheese Doritos for me, we are good to go! Have tool bag -- have creative skills, WILL travel!!! :)

Happy Shopping & Happy Decorating!!