Friday, July 24, 2009

Friends: large & small

This one goes out to one of my smaller friends & his mommy.....I just had to take a time-out & do a little something I seldom do.....I wanted to wish my dear friend Dianna's son, Daniel, a very happy 2nd birthday today!

Daniel is an amazingly cute little guy that Di & I affectionately call "my boyfriend" because even at the tender age of roughly 7 months, he was quite the flirt when we met at another friend's baby shower. He's a beautiful little boy with a mother so wonderful that I hope he is aware of how lucky he is....if not, Auntie Sue will be sure to tell him so someday! *wink*

So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY B.F.!!!! Auntie can't wait to see your b-day pix and hang out with you & Mommy real soon. Big hugs to you and to Mommy, too! I love you both! XOXO Auntie Sue

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Anonymous said...

SUE!! I haven't been reading/writing lately so I just saw this!! Needless to say you brought tears to my eyes. Thank you so much and I will be sharing BF pics soon I promise! Love you!!