Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bye, bye, BABY

....BABY referring to "Baby Bush"!

Oh happy day........NO MORE "BABY BUSH" as of 12 noon Eastern Time, which is just less than 1 hour away for our time here in Cali.


Let's hope that in time, things will get better....our soldiers will get to return home (where they belong), our retail stores will stop closing down, our banks will stop folding, our housing market will perk up, big businesses will stop getting "bailed out" & that the good ol' USA won't be viewed as a joke amongst other nations anymore. We rock! Barack rocks!

bye, bye "W"!
The "W" stands for "WE won't miss you at all!!!"

Even if you did not vote for Obama, you have to admit that "W" won't be missed......except by the comics that love to make fun of his lack of public speaking abilities. *wink*

Sue is stepping off her soapbox now & wishing you all a happy Inaugural day!

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