Friday, February 8, 2008

Shop Shoppin', Shoppin' at ROSS

If you find a good Ross store (because let's face it, some of them suck booty)....then you know how cool Ross can be. One of my favorite locations is the 2-story Ross in Pasadena on Lake Avenue.

All Ross stores offer a 15% discount to seniors on Tuesdays.....that means it's all the old crap from the week that did not sell & they want to get rid of it before the new goodies arrive. Lines are extra long on Tuesdays. New merchandise arrives at most LA Ross locations on Wednesdays.

Best days to shop at Ross: Thursdays & Fridays. All the new goodies are out for the taking! If you wait for the weekend, the stores will be more crowded, lines will be even longer than usual (if you can imagine that) & you may miss out on some of the good merchandise that I already went & bought on Thursday or Friday!

Many people don't like Ross because the stores tend to be sloppy, crowded & the lines are long. I understand all of that, believe me.....but if you can go on either a Thursday or Friday during the day (translation: on your extended lunch break), then you will likely score better merchandise while the store is slightly better organized. I am afraid the long lines seldom subside regardless of days or times you shop. You will have to "dig" a lot through the acres of clothing racks or shelf upon shelf of home decor, but it's often well-worth the hunt! They have some name-brand merchandise. If you have children, Ross is a must!!! They can get all the Roxy & Quicksilver they desire for a fraction of the price!

Ross is an excellent place to by stylish, affordable home decor items for general use OR if you intend to sell your home & you need to do some staging before you list with a realtor.

Ross Warning: read the tags on the clothing & bedding/towels......those items can be "irregular". It's clearly marked on the price tag, if this is the case. Try on the clothes -- in most cases, it's all good. With linens & towels, I have yet to find any irregularities with my naked eye that I cannot live with. Happy Shopping!

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