Thursday, February 28, 2008

Premium Denim -- Why pay full price?

Who doesn't like a great pair of jeans? I think we all do! If you are one that prefers "premium denim", please don't pay full price!! These jeans (you know the brands: True Religion, James Jeans, Joe's Jeans, 7 for All Mankind, Citizens of Humanity, Paper Denim & Cloth, Yanuk, Buffalo by David Bitton, Rock & Republic, Salt....just to name a few) can all set you back upwards of $150 to $200 or more per pair!!! I don't know about the rest of you, but I can't see paying that when I can often find these exact same jeans for far less!

I have never once paid full price for any of these brands! In most cases, I pay $30 to $80 per pair, which I think is fantastic. After all, you cannot go into place like The Gap & find jeans there for under $60 (unless they are having a big sale). So, that being said, why not buy premium, get a great fit AND a great price??!! (And, I like The Gap, don't get me wrong, just not for my jeans).

Best places to shop for such deals on premium denim: Loehmann's, for sure!!! Also, a few times a year, Marshall's will get in a huge load of premium denim & their pricing is on average about $10 less per pair than Loehmann's. All first quality -- no defects that I have detected to date.

I have Joe's & James jeans, both from Loehmann's, that I have paid $79.99 per pair for. If you sign up for Loehmann's Insider Club, you will often receive e-mail discounts....the last one I received was for an additional 15% off my entire purchase. Not too shabby!!! (More on my love affair with Loehmann's later......) Jeans by Paper Denim & Cloth or Salt will run you about $39.99 from Loehmann's, which is even more amazing. Oh, and the jeans I have purchased here by Buffalo, I have really scored....anywhere from $11 to $25 per pair! I see these jeans at Macy's starting at $95 a pair.

I also have jeans by 7, Joe's, Salt, Paper Denim & Cloth and more that I scored at Marshall's in recent years & those started at about $24.99 a pair up to $79.99. No coupons, though. Usually, I get wind of the Marshall's premium denim influx by E-mail. Everyone should sign up for their "newsletter" via E-mail so you know when the good stuff is arriving.

Bottom line: Hit the web-sites for both Loehmann's & Marshall's & sign up for their E-mail newsletters / the Insider Club (Loehmann's) so you can get hot tips & extra discounts. Then, head on out for some great shopping. Your denim-covered butt will look like you spent some serious coin, when in reality, you scored 2-3 pairs for the price of one, had you bought them at Barney's or some cool shop on Melrose!

Hey, and when you tire of your premium denim, you can always get your money back -- you sell them on E-bay! Often times, I auction a pair off & it makes more than I what I originally paid!! E-bay shoppers enjoy a good deal & are not afraid of "used" denim, as long as the stuff is clean & in good condition.

Happy Shopping!

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Schmoops said...

LOVE it! and will definitely keep in mind when i can fit into non-maternity wear again... xoxo