Thursday, January 28, 2010


Yep, that's what we feel like...QUITTERS! Mitzi's time with us ended last Saturday after 4+ months of us desperately trying to give her love & teach her that it's not OK to urinate in our house, on our furniture, on our clothes/shoes, or anywhere else indoors for that matter. *sigh* The poor, sweet thing just did not get it. Her psychological issues ran too deep & we had to give up on her. We made the long journey to Costa Mesa to return her to the rescue group from whence she came. SORRY MITZI....we loved you, but you were just too much for us.

It has been several days since her departure. I'm not sure what's more sad...the fact we had to give up or the fact that the house is so peaceful, calm & relaxing now that she IS gone??? I never realized how much of my time she consumed, even when I was not home....she was always on my mind. She was always on Mike's mind. The non-stop flow of urine coming out of her was always bothersome & we had high hopes that in time, it would pass. Now that she is gone, I am so much more relaxed when I am home. While sad to send her packing, I feel free again.

Mitzi is no dummy -- she learned to "sit", "stay", or "go lay down in your bed" with relative ease in recent weeks, but she could not stop urinating anytime she was happy, nervous, scared or insecure. We treated her like gold & yet, she could not stop. Medically, there was nothing wrong with her. We had the vet examine her to make sure. We were told it's common in dogs that were abused & she may or may not get over it in time --- and we should invest in dog diapers, which we no avail.

Frankie is adjusting, although he appears to search for her at times. I'm sure he once again loves being the center of attention. He also loves getting to be indoors more often. When Mitzi was there, we tried to treat them equally, which meant he was banned from the house during daylight hours to be in the yard w/ Mitzi. I think he hated the lack of human contact no matter how much he liked to wrestle with his little canine pal. Our hope is she finds a permanent home with someone that is more tolerant -- although, I think we had the patience of Saints in dealing with her, maybe she still needs more??

Farewell, little of luck to you! May you have a happy life wherever you land. XOXO

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Anonymous said...

Aw, Sue, I'm sorry. I think the truly sad thing is that since she had been returned before, the rescue must have known what her issues were and perhaps weren't as forthcoming as they could have been.

In the end, you and Mike provided her with a loving home (and some gorgeous puppy loot), for several months and did the best that you could. There is no failure in trying; it's trying at all that makes one a failure.

Cheer up my dear friend. Mitzi will be fine. BIG hugs and lots of love to you, Mike and Frankie.