Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I have no recent shopping adventures to post about.....trying to watch the budget lately. So, I thought I would take a quick moment to try & find out where YOU like to shop (not that many peeps read this blog, but what the heck?). Tell me your top 5 stores & why you like them. Who knows?? Maybe it will inspire ME to find new places to shop!

Happy Shopping!


Anonymous said...

You already know my favorite places so I won't bore you with a response. Just leaving a comment so you know that your "peeps" are reading!

Sueberry said...

Di, I honestly think you are my ONLY peep. ha ha ha! XOXO

Joadi said...

I'm reading too! Recently, I have been doing the online shopping thing, because I have no time to actually hit any stores.

I got an awesome Buffalo leather biker jacket for like 220 at Macy's the other day. Fall jackets are on sale right now...

I need to spend more on professional clothes. I see that Victoria Secret's has skirts and blouses for work, and at good prices but I wonder if they fit as well as they look! Any advice???