Wednesday, December 30, 2009

In the Year 2010

No shopping chatter for today....just wanted to take a tiny moment to say that I hope that everyone had a wonderful Chaunukah / Christmas season. Ours was mellow, but enjoyable nonetheless. I was a complete loser this year & did not ever find the time to take a cute holiday photo of my precious pups which has been my "thing" ever since I have owned doggies. A few friends expressed some disappointment if I did not send a traditional doggie holiday card, so I cheated....mind you, I don't have Photoshop, nor would I even know how to use it if I did. I had to use the "Paint" feature in Windows to alter an already existing & terribly cute photo of my pups for the 2009 holiday card this year. The photo pictured here is not the one used in the card, but an equally cute but similarly cheater-style painted pic regardless. I also failed to print enough of the cheesy pictures, thus, seriously having to limit who I sent them out to....and, ran out of stamps last minute and even failed to put stamps on a half-dozen or so that were returned to me in untimely fashion by the Post Office. My bad! If you received one of our cheesy cards, consider yourself one of the lucky ones!! *wink* I was truly batting a thousand with my holiday cards this year.....

As for the coming year, I want to wish everyone the very best in 2010. I know that personally, 2009 had some good days and some unpleasant moments to say the least (then again, every year does, really)....overall, I guess I cannot complain in that so many people have it worse than I do, even if there are days where it feels like my world is coming to an end. I still have my health! I have a wonderful husband! I have a beautiful home! I have some great friends and while I don't like the fact I have to work, at least I DO have a J-O-B. May everyone have a safe, prosperous & Happy New Year because no matter how cliche that sounds, it could not be more true of my wishes to everyone. I hope that 2010 brings us all good health, good fortune, and good times!

And, of course, on a much more superficial level....may 2010 bring lots of nice things to YOUR closet, as well as to mine! HAPPY SHOPPING! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

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Anonymous said...

Very nicely stated Sue!! I will treasure my Frankie and Mitzi-Mae card as I would any limited edition piece of fine art.