Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The $19 Diva

No, that's not my new nickname.....it's the price I just paid for a pair of (shockingly) well-fitting, cute jeans from Old Navy called "the Diva". It's a skinny jean that's actually rather flattering -- it's not so skinny where you cannot get your feet out the bottoms or where you have some serious fabric twisting to contend with as you "wriggle" into them. They just fit well without any of the ill side effects. They are on sale again this week for $19 (regularly $26.50, or $29.50, I cannot recall). Check them out! I highly recommend them -- and coming from a gal that normally prefers premium denim, this is quite the compliment to Old Navy.

Happy Shopping!

p.s. - they are also very slimming for skinny jeans, something I find to not normally be the case with this style.

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Anonymous said...

I think "skinny jeans" on me would be an oxymoron! But I'm glad they're working for you! Enjoy!