Thursday, November 5, 2009

Doggie Duds

Just a quick note here: If you have small dogs like I have, you know the need for cozy, cute dog sweaters as the Winter weather rolls on into town. These darn doggie duds can start at $15 for the tiniest item & go up from there -- it's crazy!

New find: WAL-MART
I must say, for a nationwide discount retailer, they have a pretty amazing pet department. Of course, they don't carry my dog's fancy kibble there, but when it comes to bedding, dining accessories, carriers, crates, doggie diapers (yes, we need those for our little Mitzi until she learns to hold it better), and doggie duds, Wal-Mart really cannot be beat!

I have purchased several of the cutest dog sweaters there in recent weeks for only $5 each. Yep, you heard me....just $5! We're talking nice quality sweaters on the cheap. The sizing may be erratic but if you know your dog, you can quickly look at one & figure out what will fit & what won't, despite the size information on the label not being terribly accurate. Frankie & Mitzi now have matching grey & black "skull & crossbones" turtlenecks. Frankie got a new red holiday sweater. Mitzi scored a pink & white polka dot with patent leather bow applique on the backside. I even picked a couple of larger sized sweaters up for Marla for her Lola dog. I hope they fit! Pictures of Frankie to follow once my precious little hound is ready to model for you. It's not quite cold enough yet. *wink* Mitzi was willing, doggie-diaper & all.....

And, one more thing I need to add.....I bought a dog "crate" that is soft & collapses, as needed, for easier storage. I viewed several of these on & they started at around $ Wal-Mart, I picked one up for under $17!! It's beige & black, so it should match my car, as well as the interior of my home, but they had other colors. It holds up to 50 pounds of dog, so that means I can fit both my babies inside. Not sure if I "needed" it, but I could not pass it up at that price!

Now, find your local Wal-Mart and pick up some cute clothes for YOUR beloved pets before it's too late!! Yes, they have some holiday duds for cats, too....but I suspect the felines don't like that sort of thing much.

Happy Shopping!

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Anonymous said...

Somehow I just don't picture strolling into your neighborhood Walmart, but the outfits sound ADORABLE!! I won't even ask about pics because I'm sure you'll post some soon.