Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Just a quick note:

All clearance merchandise at Loehmann's (with a yellow sticker) is presently an extra 40% off. You can score some great deals if you are willing to dig through the endless racks of merchandise. There were tons of cute kids' clothes, as well as "grown up" clothes on these racks, so I highly recommend it to all! (I went to the Burbank, CA location) Keep in mind, this extra 40% off can be found on more than just clothing, so check out accessories, shoes & handbags, too. There was a ton of new premium denim, but I behaved & steered clear...this time.

Old Navy is in the final moments of 40% off kids' clearance merchandise for back-to-school. I'm sure those of you with wee-ones can find something great on the cheap!

My sister, Marla, spotted some great deals on sweater dresses at Ross of all places. Good brands, too, like BCBG and Max Studio. I hope it's not too late...she visited the Burbank store on Monday & today is already Wednesday. I think I need to pop in on my way to the gym tonight! I heart sweater dresses!!

Target in Burbank is remodeling or re-arranging the interior of the store. It's quite the big mess -- or at least it was when I was there last Friday night spending some of my b-day gift cards (thanks, friends!!!). There are a lot of cute clothes & it seems as if they are trying to ramp it up a notch with added style (both in the clothing & the overall appearance of the department). There are loads of items on the clearance racks if you don't mind digging a little. I got a great Converse t-shirt dress for $6.47. It's way comfy & dare I say it, a little sexy according to my Mikey. *wink* Turning on the old man for under $7...who can beat that? At any rate, if you don't like disorder when you shop, you may want to wait a week or so until the remodel is complete at this Target location. Oh, and let's not forget the Mossimo "boyfriend" tee's! They are v-neck with a tiny pocket, super soft, super comfy & super cheap at only $8 each (but scored a few last week on sale for $6 each). I have purple, olive &, I just need to find some other colors like navy blue & black!

Express has a sweepstakes going on now for a $250 prize. Become a fan of Express on Facebook & enter today! I know I did!! I'd love to have $250 to spend at my local Express store, that's for sure.

Wasteland is opening a location in Burbank soon in the "Burbank Village" (for us old folks, translation: Golden Mall). It's going to be near Noah's Bagels & across the street from Urban Outfitters. If you shop on Melrose, or if you ever have, you are probably familiar with Wasteland. It should be a fun addition to the area.

That's all for now!

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Dianna Miller said...

As always, you are a veritable wealth of information. I should check out Old Navy for little man's jeans fix. I'm also REALLY anxious to check out H&M for kids. I just have to haul my ass out to Costa Mesa. The SM H&M store doesn't do kiddies.