Thursday, August 14, 2008

Did I fall off the Earth?

I have to confess, not doing much shopping these days & I find myself wondering why I even need this blog page now? Ha ha!! My intent was to share the all the deals I find, but alas, I have not been shopping to share.....

I had a b-day recently. That always sends wonderful gift cards my way to places like Loehmann's, Macy's, Target & Victoria Secret. I went online just yesterday to spend the VS gift card so we shall see how that turns out. Loehmann's is always great & a long-time fave store of mine. I found a few cute tops, including a "Retro Sport" Raiders t-shirt for my man.....he loved it. It was soft & worn like he has owned it for a million years......right up his fashion alley! Let's just hope our fave NFL team performs better this season than in recent past seasons. I still have some Loehmann's credit to spare for another day.

I went to Macy's to spend a gift card I had for that store........shockingly, I bought myself a sweater for Fall in a color no one ever sees me in -- purple! Well, OK, maybe it's a very muted egg-plant shade, but it's still purple (and I hate purple). I was drawn to it for some reason. It's by American Rag and I very much look forward to cooler weather so I can try it out. I still can't believe I bought purple..........must be my old age!!!

All that aside, there are some upcoming deals:
Macy's / Lancome - gift w/ purchase of $29.50 (Starts this Friday) - looks like a nice GWP, too!
They also have another "One Day Sale" this Saturday, but it starts on Friday.

Sorry for the lack of cool information this time around. Trying to save money, so I am shopping less, which makes life far more boring, I know.

Happy Shopping!

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