Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The New Ride

After 10 years of pleasure driving around in my dream car, the 1999 Volvo S70, it was time to consider a new ride....after all, slapping on over 110k in miles is nothing to sneeze at. My Volvo served me well. It's still a beautiful car, but I now have a new love....the 2009 Ford EDGE (stock photo pictured here). It has so many gadgets, it talks, has heated seats so my fanny shall never again be cold on a chilling Winter morning drive, and so much more! I got a new color called Cinnamon Brown Metallic (as seen in the photo). It's much darker in person, I think -- at times, almost appears eggplant in color, which was probably part of the draw for me.

I wish to bid a fond farewell to my Volvo....she has been good to us. I will miss her in some ways, but technology has surpassed her & it's time to have a jack for my i-Pod, a USB port and some Sirius satellite radio (6 months free anyhow). We are trying to find a buyer & hopefully, they will enjoy her as much as we did.

As for the new EDGE gracing our driveway....she's fun to drive, SO incredibly smooth, and probably more of a gas hog than what I am used to in that it's a V6 engine. The first time I drove one, I barely touched the gas & it was off & running in a quick jerk, which caught me by surprise. We shopped for about 4 weeks & nearly got one in dark grey at Galpin Ford, but things did not pan out (translation: salesmen changing numbers on you last-minute, not cool). We walked away empty-handed after 3 long hours. Last weekend, we went back to Star Ford in Glendale to see Sasha, a very low-key car salesman we met on week #1 of our search. We brought him an ad from a local dealer & he said he would beat it....and he did! I got more gadgets than I even wanted by taking a 2009 model versus a 2010 & for less money. We purchased the extended warranty & the maintenance plan for a few bucks more, so we should have no worries for 6 years or 75k miles. If you need a Ford, go see Sasha @ Star Ford in Glendale!!

Car shopping sucks.....Sasha made it happen & without ANY stress or annoyances. He did not back pedal. He was up front, gave us a price on demand & they all stuck by it in the end! It took far less time than the wasted hours elsewhere....and in the end, we could not be more satisfied. LOVING the new ride!

Happy Shopping!

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Anonymous said...

Aw Sue that is awesome!! I must admit it will be weird not seeing you in your beautiful Volvo, but all good things must come to an end. My poor Explorer is a 1996, so I can totally understand the whole "technology passing the old car by." If we decided to get another Ford, perhaps I will visit your friend Sasha. I have to say, I've had two Fords back to back and they both have served me well. My Escort lasted over 300K miles!! How many cars do you know have done that??!! And the Explorer is hanging in there God bless him! So you won't be disappointed. Congrats on the new car. Enjoy every mile!!