Wednesday, May 6, 2009

No such luck

*sigh* I attempted to "shop the box" today at Express at the Northridge Mall. This was my first visit to this mall since I started working here in the Valley. My first visit to this mall since the youthful age of 22. Wow, a lot has changed in the mall in 20 years! I did not even recognize it. That aside, I was hoping to find some b-day gifts for a friend at Express since I so often have great luck when they do these sales & I actually walked out of there empty-handed! Can you believe it? What kind of self-proclaimed shop-a-holic does that??? I will tell you what that feels in this poor economy, the stores might want to work a little bit harder to earn MY hard-earned dollars! Express had TONS of merchandise on clearance, plus an extra 20% off, but overall, the items were still overpriced in my eyes -- no amazing deals at this location -- so I walked out keeping all my dollars to myself. Perhaps that is a good thing??

If you go to your local Express, I hope you have better luck. Walking out with a whole-lotta-nothing was a first for me. Of course, I used to frequent a location on Lake Avenue in Pasadena, which is long-gone, but it was by far, the best Express store ever. (Insert another *sigh* here).

On a side note, my Loehmann's e-mails indicate good stuff happening there with deals on perfume and clothing. I might have to drag myself over there instead to give away my money (such torture, I know). ha ha!

Happy Shopping!

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Tina said...

whoa, that must be a rarity Sue, to come out with nothing! I used to shop Express a lot too.

I love hearing about all the deals you find!! :)