Friday, June 13, 2008

Feeling LUCKY?

After all, today IS "Friday the 13th!"....
twice-yearly sale is on now through 6/30/08 (online & in stores). They claim you can save up to 50%....not a bad deal! My brother lives in their denim. A close friend swears they are the only brand to make a true Capri for her less than tall stature. I love many of their Mexican Dia de Los Muertos inspired skeleton art t-shirts and tanks....which are super comfy, by the way! (Be warned, the tanks run small!) Heck, I think everyone probably owns at least ONE clothing item by Lucky & loves it.

So, if you love Lucky, now is your time to buy. Hurry up before my friends & family get all the good stuff, though.......and, while you are out, grab me a nice skeleton T-shirt! ha ha!

By the way, if you are a proud dog-owner, they even sell some great dog leashes & doggie t-shirts, all for under $25 on sale now. FUN!

Happy Shopping!

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