Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Did someone say Make-Up??

My first trip to ULTA was last night.....a friend had been telling me about it for months now & I finally went in for a test-drive. My first reaction: WOW! Where do I begin? This place is huge & there is so much to look at!! I don't have near enough time or money to do what I wanna do in this place!

At any rate, my goal was simple, I wanted to investigate a mineral make-up called PUR so I needed to focus fast! Of course, my first stop inside the store was the cosmetics section under the Ulta label itself. Ooops! Much like Sephora, another fave store, Ulta carries its own line of cosmetics, including a line of mineral make-up -- just not my color.
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I did manage to grab a couple of eye-shadows that looked pretty at only $6.50 a pop! Then, I make my way over to the non-drugstore brand cosmetics section (the store is set up where one side is "drugstore" cosmetics & the other side is "department" store products, with hair products & salon in the rear). I found the PUR aisle & played with the various items....of course, MY shade of pressed mineral base was sold out, but I did find a cute little starter kit in my shade for about $35. It came with a nice chisel brush, the pressed mineral base (in Golden Medium) a mineral bronzer (for lack of better terms or its real name) and a marble mineral dusting powder of sorts for highlighting, etc.

Normally, I used the pressed mineral base by Jane Iredale & I LOVE it!!! It's pricey at about $52 (sold mostly at spas) although I can often find my colors on E-bay for less. I had heard about PUR and since it was around half the price, I thought I should give it a try. Besides, I am currently rather pale (it IS still Winter, technically) and my current Jane Iredale shade is too dark now. I needed a paler shade for the moment.

So far, really like PUR. The color is a good match & the true test will be when I work-out at the gym because my Jane Iredale stays on FOREVER! I love that --- no touch-ups during the day!!! I hope PUR does the same.

All of this aside, my main point for this post is to share that ULTA is a fun store with a GIANT selection that will not disappoint any cosmetic lover! And, I learned that new shipments arrive on Tuesdays, so if they are out of your color, at least you know when to check back, like myself!

I walked out of ULTA about $50 poorer & with my hands & wrists covered in all sorts of test colors, but it was a worthwhile trip! I joined the "frequent buyer's club", for free, so I can earn points for freebies after continued shopping there. I can't wait to go back!!

Happy Shopping!

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