Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bella Wish -- handcrafted w/ LOVE

OK, time for some online FUN shopping for a change.....a very dear friend gave birth to an adorable little girl nearly 6 months ago (my, how time flies) & this new chapter of motherhood has pushed her to find other means of making a she can stay home & be with her sweet baby more & be off in some horrid office environment less. She has created a line of jewelry & is working at adding items daily to her site on Etsy. Here is the link.....I hope it works, if not, try searching on for BELLA WISH.

At any rate, BELLA WISH specializes in ALL hand-made pieces, as well as custom orders, including adorable dog tags for the pups in your life. Items are of the best quality sterling silver, some include gemstones or charms -- the choice is yours & the possibilities for creativity are endless! All of the items are hand-stamped, hand-finished & made with lots of love & care, not to mention the attention to detail. No 2 items are alike.

My pal is so very creative & it's wonderful to see her taking this leap into self-employment. I hope that I can soon follow in her footsteps, but in the meantime, I hope you will drop by her online store & do a little shopping to support her cause.....and to keep the real-life Bella Wish well-stocked in clean diapers! ha ha!!!! Check back often as she is constantly adding new photos as new items are created. Working all alone & by just her own 2 hands takes time, you know. And, speaking of worthy causes, some of her items also provide for charitable donations to be made to various organizations when you purchase them.....just be sure to read her item descriptions & you will learn all you need to know about all of the items & any linked charity causes. (She will donate to the ASPCA on the dog tag sales, for example).

Hurry, check it out!! I am sure my pal would be happy to have you visit her BELLA WISH Etsy store and I know she would LOVE to make you a custom pendant!

Happy Shopping!

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Stacy said...

aw, thank you so much for the support and for pimping me here!

just as an fyi, you can also get to the etsy store at

thanks again!!!!
your blog is so fun!